We would like to share with you some advices as regards with learning how to recognize genuine leather from fake leather while buying authentic leather products such as clothes, shoes, bags, belts and accessories.

In the first place, we can identify genuine leather products through some our senses.

Piel auténtica

Sight focuses on our attention and it helps us to recognize quickly genuine leather thanks to natural skin pores which are main features from authentic leather. 

It goes without saying that sight is not enough to justify a genuine leather product. As a result, we have to find out another sense such as touch.

Whenever we have a genuine leather belt or a pair of boots in our hands, its softness, texture and natural features are seen depending on each different animal. In other words, if you have a genuine snake skin belt, you will feel its scales very easily. On the other hand, when is about calf leather, you should have to split its skin to check its natural elasticity, in contrast to synthetic leathers which are not easy to bend them.


Smell! What does it smell a genuine leather shop? Our smell is another sense which contributes to identify an authentic leather belt or bag in any boutique. Each piece of leather has a unique smell, but it is important to remember that genuine leather products have a long lasting smell that is not possible to discover in synthetic leathers.


Finally, another paramount aspect to bear in mind when buying genuine leather products is to go shopping only in well-known boutiques where experts can help you choose the right product. Plácido de la Rosa only works with selected shops where you can have the best shopping experience with a professional and personal treatment. In addition, if you are interested in exotic skin products, you should have to take into account that you will need a CITES certificate which protects animals and assures you to buy legal exotic products.

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