Today, I would like to recommend you one of my favorite destinations for this break holiday ( from 6 – 8 December in Spain) and just in case you have not chosen yet!


Brandenburg gate Berlin

Monuments, history, culture, graffiti, leisure, shopping … This cosmopolitan and multicultural city has become one of the most tolerant and open cities in Germany.

Today, you can still be pervaded by its history in different places of the city. Its history has led to become into a city full of contrasts, but I found that there is a great mood around the whole city during the day and at night. Thanks to this diversity, you can enjoy through its different villages from West characterized by elegant villages up to the East part where young people and artist mainly live.


If you are a person who plans totally your trip or just let yourself discover the city, maybe it is not interesting to tell you which are the main tourist places as a common tourist guide. For that reason, I would like to tell you about different shopping places that you can find for this weekend.

  • The most exclusive boutiques are situated in Friedrichstrasse, Mitte and Kurfürstendamm avenue. There you can find several exclusive menswear and women wear shops apart from the main authorized dealer of the most representative German car firms.
  • Charlottenburg: this is one of the most famous avenues of the city with luxury boutiques.

go shopping in Berlin

Whenever place you decide to go, I hope that you have a great time!

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Have a nice weekend!

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