When it is about creativity and authenticity it is not as important as where it is made a piece of art.

From Plácido de la Rosa, we claim our added values such as design, originality and a handcrafted process. As a result, we would like to share with you the outstanding work by the multi-faceted artist Petra Shara Stoor.

We are passionate about rock gothic aesthetics due to the wide range of possibilities to express a different fashion & art concept. As a consequence, from time to time, we found great works that are worth to share with you via this blog.

Skull and Bones Artwork

As we have mentioned before, we were fascinated by the amazing skull and bones artworks by Petra Shara Stoor that you can check out on 

Here, we share with you some pictures about the artistic work by Petra Shara Stoor and the elaboration process where you can see the great amount of small details that distinguish her art.

skull art by Petra Shara Stoor

skull bones art by Petra Shara Stoor

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